Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I hope the new year brings you joy and happiness.

Here is some words for the new year from the Daily Zen.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Discovery Deconstruction

Pretty informative show on house construction. Well, at least it was for me. The host is a little goofy but its pretty good overall.

Discovery Deconstruction

5 good phone tips free

Five fantastic free phone tricks

Pikipimp fun

Upload a photo and have some fun:


Zyb, almost...

I just got a Treo650 and I'm trying to find how get the contacts from my Sanyo 2300 to the treo. I stumble onto Zyb, which seems perfect except it doesn't support Sanyo. Arrgh.

I know I could get the usb cable for the sanyo but the sanyo is one foot out the door.


UPDATE: Zyb, didn't work for me. Found but doesn't look like that will work either. Sprint has a paid service: but I can't login for some reason, probably my phone is not supported.

digg and Microsoft rock!

You maybe saying Duh, of course Digg rocks. But I used it to search for a free web host. I have this site that I help my brother-in-law host. There isn't much traffic and it never gets updated. So I thought it was a waste of money paying to host it. Well Microsoft came with the perfect solution for me. After searching google and giving up, I searched digg for free web host and presto:

MS Office Live Free offer

That is the digg link and you will have to register but you get a domain name and free hosting from MS. Wow! Thats awesome. Anyways, the online editor may not be for everyone but I was up and running in less than an hour.

They do ask you for creditcard info but that is to verify you are not some spammer or something. Not sure but its worth it, for free ;-)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Goodbye BOA and good riddance

I've been a customer of BOA since 1992. So after all these years, its goodbye. I don't want to gripe about them so much as leave myself a reminder to not go back, no matter how good the offer looks.

Bees Busted

I kind of felt sorry for the bees but I thought that if I was there on the scene, I might have become a little redneck myself:


Vmail to Email

I gotta remember to try this. It seems very interesting. Getting your voicemail as email and its free.


Utils I use often

I've come to realize that I have been using some tools that at one time helped me solve a problem. What I didn't do was see if there was a better solution entirely. Probably because that takes too much time and/or thought. Or probably because I tend to get distracted by the effort. I find several solutions and I'll trouble picking one. Anyways, I'll do various versions of this post where I'll document the various tools that I use.

This tool is handy to checking various accounts and deleting spam from them before you open it in your inbox.

Clipboard manager tool. I know there are others but this one has worked well for me. Works in Vista too.

Unfortunately this doesn't work in Vista yet and I do miss it. Hopefully the devs will release a vista version soon:

Dune, funny pic

For you Dune fans.

Sony grounding issues

I recently got a Sony Vaio laptop for my new job. I'm using to record some audio and notice there is a constant buzz. After some searching, I find that there is a grounding issue with some Sony laptops. WTF? Sony does a lot of things right like this laptop but how can they ignore this:


Supposedly there is a 3 prong power adapter, you know like most power adapters that have the ground prong in them? Well, if you supposedly complain enough to Sony, they may send you one? Again, wtf? As I said, the laptop is great but I'm disappointed to learn they don't fix this and/or recall the laptops.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bad habits

I resolved last week to make a new post everyday in order to be better a better blogger. Instead, it seems that I'm doing several posts in one day. I'm going to have to rethink this strategy.

Single spacing after a period

There is a video on MSDN Channel 9 where a guy, I think his name was Bill Hill talking about typography and why you should always use single spaces after a period. Well I'm trying. But after 20 years of double, it's hard to change.

After some digging I found the video. It's kind of interesting, plus he's got a cool accent:

Google Reader Rocks.. Now.

IMO, newsgator is still great but lately I've been using the google reader and I just like the feel of it better. I use it on my Treo650 when I'm walking the dog to see what scoble has to say. Anyways, it does seem like when Google puts their mind to something, they do a pretty damn good job. Like the new blogger. I redid someone else's site and it came out great. All within 30mins of mucking around. I think I'm going to redo this again.

Five things...

... you probably didn't know about me:

1) I liked Fried Green Tomatoes. (The first time I saw it as a teenager.) Now, its ok.
2) I'm a Los Angeles Lakers Fan.
3) I love raisins. (But I can get sick of them.)
4) I use to think that life was not too short.
5) As a kid growing up in India, I would love the smell of the dirt after it had rained (Almost good enough to eat). But seriously, the smell was great.

New Plasma TV

I just got my new 42" plasma TV today. How is it? Can't say yet, since I'm doing the recommended 100+ hours of Burnin to prevent burnin.

I'll let you know next week.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Remove comments...

This new feature of the blogger is nice. I like. I didn't even know but I had this comment below on one of my old posts:

I found your blog when I was googling for love and romance articles. I also visited an interesting site at http://@FDFDF.FDF that is also related to local swingers and has some useful tips for singles, check it if you’re interested.

New Blogger

In order to be better at anything you have to practice it. So my friend Drew says, if you want to be a better blogger, blog everyday!

That might be tough. But lets try it, especially since Blogger just switched over to a new format. Haven't read up on the all the benefits but I'm willing to give it a go.

So here we go... again.